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Architectural Interiors

My house starts with a long hallway that is directly into the living room. As soon as you walk into the home, to the right are three rooms, a second bedroom, a bathroom, and a front room that can be made into anything that is needed. There is an office space in the middle of the main hall, and if you keep on down the hall, the living room and kitchen can be seen. If you take a left at the end of the hallway, it will lead you into the master bath, bedroom. Now that I have outlined the area, we can break it down into a few spaces. The front of the house is one area, the living room and kitchen are another, and the other is the master bedroom. These are divided into their areas because they serve different purposes and therefore are divided up. The tall ceilings allow it to feel roomy yet not overbearing. My family agrees to up the long hall at the front as very weird, and it is long, skinny, and a bit daunting.

Another place that I use to frequent is the FSW library on the collier campus. You are greeted at the front by a small room with high tables for study groups. Once you have entered to the right and in front of you will be sets of computers. There is a counter with librarians ready to help, and past them is a large area filled with tables and shelves of books. The corners of the building are side rooms used for quiet spaces, like study rooms with no noise to distract you.

These are completely different building types, yet they both serve the purpose that they were built for. The space used in these buildings is for living in and having as a personal space, while the other is one of academia and grandeur. The house is a humble building that is inviting and welcoming. The library is tall and shows its knowledge of the walls with the size and unique design. I think that a well-designed building doesn’t have to share traits with other nicely built buildings. They can be completely different with the layout inside and scope of the building on the outside yet but achieve what they are meant to do.